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"I Would Consider It An Honor And A Privilege To Help You"

"When I needed a lawyer's help, I hired Allen Browning.  He sat down with me and explained to me exactly what needed to be done.  Allen Browning got the job done fast, he got the job done right, and he charged a fraction of what my other lawyer had charged me.  I could have saved a lot of money and a lot of headaches if I had hired Allen Browning first." J.M.

"Allen Browning saved me from being convicted of a crime I did not commit." E.F.

"I want to thank Allen Browning for keeping me out of prison." T.W.

"My name is Chuck Thorne, and I own Action Fast Bail Bonds.  When people get arrested, they call me to post bail for them.  Then my clients ask me what lawyer they should hire, I always tell them to hire Allen Browning, because he takes care of his clients like they were members of his own family, and he charges less than half of what some of the other attorneys in the area charge.  I know that he will take the best care of my clients.  If you need to hire a lawyer, call the one lawyer that I trust and personally recommend: Allen Browning of Browning Law."

"I was wrongly accused of a crime.  Allen Browning defended me in a jury trial and a unanimous jury found me "not guilty."  Thank you, Mr. Browning." J.W.

"I was falsely accused of felony domestic battery.  If I had been convicted, I would have gone to prison.  Allen Browning defended me in a jury trial and the jury retuned a unanimous "not guilty" verdict on my case." J.S.

"I had never been in trouble with the law before.  When I was accused of a felony crime, Allen Browning got my charges dismissed." G.R.

"You represented me a little over two years ago and really helped out a lot.  I hadn't really been in trouble before, and I feel that if I didn't have you in my life when I did things would have been a lot worse for me. You seemed to really care and I want you to know that I am ever so grateful for you.  You kept my family together and my daughter got to have her mom and dad on Christmas that year! Thanks for caring; you are awesome.  Thank you for your time." J.W.

At Browning Law, we seek the best results for our clients. Here is what our clients have said about our services.

"Mr. Browning accepted my case without hesitation and charged a reasonable rate. Being that I live out of state, he was able to make arrangements for me so that everything could be handled without me having to return to Idaho. He got me the best possible outcome for my situation.I would recommend him to anyone seeking a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Idaho! He is a stand up guy/ lawyer with a great team of people working for him!" S.S.

"Mr. Browning was extremely professional and dedicated. Not only that, he put our family at ease with his knowledge and attitude. Could not have asked for a better attorney." K.T.