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Choosing Your Lawyer in Pocatello, ID

Finding the best attorney to represent you starts with choosing a firm that is experienced in your particular case. A lot of law firms in Pocatello ID do not have the expertise to represent you in all the matters that you need representation in. At Browning Law, we can manage whatever matter you have and help you to get the outcome that you hope for. We have the experience and the commitment to provide expert representation that will preserve your rights in all matters. Our goal is to represent every one of our clients as if they are our only clients, using all of our expert resources.


When you come to us, you can expect professionalism, and the attention to detail for you case that you need and deserve. We will work diligently to give you the best chance of success in winning your case.


Our Practice Areas


• Personal Injury Law

• Criminal Defense Law

• Accidental & Wrongful Death

• Car, Truck & Motorcycle Accidents Law

• Pedestrian Accident Injury

• Construction Accident Claims

• Workers Compensation Law

• Slip and Fall Accident Injury

• Ankle, Head, Spinal Cord, Neck & Traumatic Brain Injuries

• Dog Bite Injury Law

• Premises Liability Law

• Mesothelioma Claim

• Insurance Claims Law

• Assault Law

• Domestic Violence

• Sex & Battery Crimes

• Drug Crimes & Drunk Driving

• Traffic Violations Law

• White Collar Crimes

• Theft & Robbery Law


We can help! We offer a wide range of legal services that are based on years of experience. We work hard to give you the outcome that you want and always work to protect your rights. Whether it is personal injury or a criminal defense matter that you need representation for, Browning Law is the place to get the lawyer that is going to work hard for your case! Contact us today for your FREE consultation! Choose the firm that always puts your best interests first!

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