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If you have been accused of a crime, I can help.  You may need my help to establish your innocence, or you may need my help because you have committed an offense but you need an attorney to keep you from getting treated too harshly or unfairly.  The earlier you call me, the more help I can bring.  My goal is to keep the legal system from destroying your life.

I am Experienced in the Courtroom

I have been assisting people in Idaho with their legal matters for over 32 years, and have personally handled 73 jury trials.  Whether you are innocent and need an attorney to demonstrate your innocence to a jury, or whether you have committed an offense and need an attorney to conduct "damage control," so the system does not treat you unfairly, I will be there for you.



I Handle All Types of Criminal Charges

  • Assault, battery and domestic violence

  • Drug crimes

  • Drunk driving

  • Sex crimes

  • Theft and robbery

  • Traffic Violations

  • Weapons charges

  • White collar crimes 

Don't talk to law enforcement officers or detectives without having me with you. Call my office today to schedule a FREE consultation.


Don't try to fight your criminal charges alone. Call me if you have been accused of a crime, or if a police detective wishes to question you.

I am ready to defend you in the courtroom.



Allen Browning – Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal Defense Trial Verdicts


  • 2015: State v. Cameron Hattendorf, unanimous acquittal of felony aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

  • 2015: State v. SS, unanimous acquittal of theft charges.

  • 2015: State v. Helm, resisting and obstructing an officer, unanimous acquittal.

  • 2012: State v. McWilliams, felony domestic battery, dismissal after hung jury.

  • 2011: State v. R. Kelsey, unanimous acquittal, felony burglary

  • 2011: State v. B. Kelsey, unanimous acquittal, felony burglary

  • 2009: State v. Farmer, unanimous acquittal, felony aggravated battery on police officer

  • 2008: State v. J. W., charged with keeping dangerous animals,          unanimous acquittal.

  • 2007: State v. Sheppard, unanimous acquittal, felony domestic battery







"Allen Browning saved me from being convicted of a crime I did not commit."

Allen Browning