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Settlements and Jury Verdicts

A complete personal injury attorney will not only attempt to settle your case before trial, but will be experienced and competent to try your case to a jury if the insurance company refuses to treat you fairly.  I have included a sampling of some of my jury verdicts as well as settlements I have obtained for personal injury clients.



Recent Cases I have Won

  • Babakhanian v. Cedar Point,  $1.8 million jury verdict

  • Byington v. Banner, neck re-injury at apartment, Cassia County jury  verdict $232,500.

  • Morrarty v. Morton, fraudulent cattle sale, Bankruptcy court verdict of $216,000.

  • Pathways v. Ostrovsky, fraudulent sale of barn, jury verdict of $200,000.

  • Hatfield v. Call, wrongful discharge, Bonneville County jury verdict of $118,000

  • Melendez v. Scoggins Exxon, wrongfully accused of a crime, Clark County jury verdict of $25,000.

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Recent Personal Injury Settlements


  • D.A., auto accident injuries, $825,000

  • F.B., auto accident injuries, $545,000

  • E.S., slip and fall injuries, $300,000  

  • W.S., slip and fall injuries, $300,000

  • K.M., auto accident injuries, $255,000

  • I.B., trip and fall injuries, $200,000

  • S.R., trip and fall injuries, $185,000

  • M.S., auto accident injuries, $175,000

  • K.H., auto accident injuries, $150,000

  • J.F., auto accident injuries, $100,000

  • B.T., fall in the home, $100,000

  • K.J.H., auto accident injuries, $100,000

  • H.K., auto accident injuries, $100,000

  • D.L., auto accident injuries, $100,000

  • H.R., auto accident injuries, $100,000

  • B.W., auto accident injuries, $99,000

  • T.B., auto accident injuries, $96,000

  • J.H., fire loss, $79,176

  • B.W., auto accident injuries, $75,000

  • S.M., auto accident injuries, $60,000

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